C of C tennis players “forced” to smoke crack
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Tennis players coerced to crack (Kirk Amos, November 03, 2005 – Charleston, SC)

According to police reports, the two C of C students were held up at knife-point, abducted, taken to an undisclosed location on Mary Street and forced to smoke crack cocaine. [ . . . ]

Like many college stories, the Saturday night of the abduction began with the students consuming large amounts of alcohol, with an estimated 30 alcoholic beverages for Moldehnke, and 20 for Roberts.

Were they drinking alcohol or water? Is this the downside of overturning the minibottle law? Weak, weak, oh-so-weak beverages?

Drunken and tired, the couple found themselves locked out of Roberts’ Lexus in a parking lot off of Meeting Street.

So they were either going to drive somewhere… or practice their serves and strokes in the backseat.

At around 2 a.m., Roberts and Moldehnke attempted to unlock the car with a clothes hanger. They were approached by a seemingly friendly man who at first offered to open the door for $10. Instead, he pulled out a knife.

The aggressor, a lonely criminal, demanded only their company. The students stayed with him from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., spending most of the time in front of a white house on Mary Street. It was there that the man allegedly forced them to smoke crack.

When daylight rolled around, Roberts remembered that she stored an extra key for her Lexus at her apartment, so the students left their abductor, retrieved the key and drove to Moldehnke’s apartment on Burns Lane.

The next morning, Oct. 23, the students began worrying about being submitted to a random drug test, and decided to call the women’s tennis coach, Angelo Anastopoulo, which initiated a chain of phone calls.

Anastopoulo called C of C athletics director, Jerry Baker, who contacted Public Safety, which led to notification of the Charleston Police Department. [ . . . ]

While waiting for the coach the morning after the alleged event, Roberts took a walk down King Street and allegedly bumped into the perpetrator and was forced to smoke crack cocaine again.

According to the Post and Courier, Roberts “became apprehensive” about filing a police report, but Moldehnke “insisted on going through with the process.”

The cops described them as “smelling strongly of alcohol,” and as giving “few details about the suspect despite allegedly spending several hours with him. They were also “nervous and evasive in their answers.” The police are still investigating; results won’t be made public until a later time.

Roberts has left the College and returned to her hometown of Peachtree, Ga. She is reportedly enrolled in a 30-day rehabilitative clinic for undisclosed reasons. Her family refused to comment.


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